Westminster Briefcase

The gilesmadeit Westminster style leather briefcase can have between 1 to 3 internal sections, allowing you to carry papers, reports, laptop and be able to find them easily.

It quietly says …………. style.

Slim Wallet

A wallet should be slim. It should complement the line of your clothes and not bulge. The wallet I make for you can not be over stuffed.

Carrying a gilesmadeit wallet says “I am in control and can do it with only 2 credit cards………4 on a bad day”

Memo pads

Italian paper, fountain pens and leather are the perfect combination.

Made from oak bark leather, hand stitched and beautifully edge finished, these slim pads fit neatly in to your jacket pocket, handbag or case. Taking it out and making a note makes a statement in its self.

What is gilesmadeit?

gilesmadeit is very simple. I am giles and I would love to make you a beautiful, functional leather item.

I source the leather myself; mainly oak-bark tanned leather, from J&FJ Baker in Colyton, Devon. The last remaining UK tannery using this age-old method.

Making your item will be done entirely by my hands using traditional leather hand tools and methods.