gilesmadeit is very simple. I am giles and I would love to make you a beautiful, functional leather item.

I source the leather myself; mainly oak-bark tanned leather, from J&FJ Baker in Colyton, Devon. The last remaining UK tannery using this age-old method.

Making your item will be done entirely by my hands using traditional leather hand tools and methods. All my work is hand stitched; the reality is I do not know how to use a sewing machine!

When I make for you, I will be thinking about how you will use the item; what you wanted it for and I hope, I will know a bit about yourself. For me it is a personal thing; gilesmadeit is more a passion than a business.

gilesmadeit is about bespoke, practical leather items, made with care and attention to detail. In this fast, throwaway world a gilesmadeit item is made to keep.

The items that I describe and list are the ones I more often make; but, if I am able, I really would love to make what you really want: all you need to do is ask and I will be honest as to whether I can help.