Bespoke Projects

On this page I will give you some ideas of what other people have asked for, in case you are struggling to think of that perfect gift or something out of the ordinary to give. As more projects are asked for I will add on to here. If there is still nothing you see that you like or want but you have an idea just contact me using the contact form and we can chat further.

Leather Document Case

This case was made for a 50th birthday gift. It is made of the oak bark tanned leather, which makes it smell wonderful.

I also gave this case to my niece and her husband as a wedding gift to keep their important papers in. I have to say, if I say so myself, they were very pleased. She said it had made her day. I think it was the handmade touch that did it!

Handmade leather coinpurse


One of these bags has been purchased for a biker to carry his ear plugs with him safely for when he gets off his bike and when it is time to get back on, he has no idea where they are. With one of these they have just attached it to their keys


A local gardener asked me if I could make a scabbard for her favourite pair of secateurs, in this case she wanted something she could hang off a work belt, but this would work easily as well as a hand held pouch. Why not buy the gardener in your family a pair of to notch secateurs and get me to make a bespoke case for them, to keep them dry and safe when not in use.