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Blog #1 The Introduction

Apparently, I am a baby boomer. In my defence I just sneaked in at the end of the 20 year timeline that defines said baby boomers. I am of the generation that connects the “shoes for life, Sunday best suit” ideals with the disposable, single use, plastic world we have now created.
gilesmadeit is a simple concept; if really good quality leather is used; if careful, skilled craftmanship is utilised; and if there is attention to detail, then the product of all this, is worth keeping; is worth looking after; investing in and not simply tossed in the bin at season’s end.
I use the best leather I can. Mainly, as I have already mentioned on the site, Oak Barked Tanned leather from the tannery in Mid Devon. I make my own patterns and cut the leather to size by hand. This means I can make specifically to your specifications and requirements. I stitch by hand, using the traditional saddlery method; two needles on one thread. I spend time on burnishing the edges well to give sharp smooth finishes.
My work is 100% handmade. You will not need to put your name on your leather creation as it will be impossible to confuse it with any other. Handmade means unique; there will be aspects of your item that will be different from any other, including the others made by me!
gilesmadeit is simple. It is about quality, craftmanship and elegance. My products will age gracefully with you, they will gain memory marks with you.
From the trestle table in the corner of my sitting room to you, with care and attention, in the hope that together we can reconnect to a less disposable, more classically elegant world.